Creating compelling content

Creating compelling content

Developing compelling content is the foundation to any successful digital marketing strategy.

To attract new clients, you need consistent high-quality content that positions you as a thought leader, builds a niche audience of customers and provides a resource that keeps that audience engaged.

There are numerous brokers who will have geared their websites and other digital marketing platforms to attract and target borrowers looking for a traditional home loan. This is perfectly normal, but if you generate content solely for traditional lending clients, there is a missed opportunity to target clients looking for a specialist loan.

By providing a client with helpful content, they will be more inclined to trust you as a solution provider to what would seem a difficult lending situation.

You may ask, “What sort of content should I put together to attract a client looking for a specialist loan?”

If your content addresses one or more of a specialist borrowers problems in an accessible and practical way, it is likely to get their attention. A good start would be to write down the top 10 questions a specialist borrower has asked you in the past. Here are a couple of examples:

“Is it possible to get a loan with bad credit history?”
“I’m self-employed. Can I buy a home?”
To help attract potential clients to your content through search engines, you can also use Google’s AdWords keyword tool as a free resource to uncover the local and global search volume generated by the various keywords a specialist borrower may include in a search query. Simply type in any word relevant to specialist lending and hit enter to generate results.

Once you have done your research, tailor your content to answer each niche question and be sure to use relevant keywords within your answers. In doing so, you will position yourself as a trusted adviser in the specialist lending space.

Another useful tip would be to ask a specialist borrower you have helped secure finance to provide you with a testimonial. This trusted content is a great way to attract new clients.

Picking the right platform to generate content is also important. If you would like to save time and you are comfortable speaking in front of camera, you can easily take your smart phone out of your pocket and film yourself answering any question a specialist borrower may ask. Some of you may favour podcasts or blogs.

By keeping your clients’ needs in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating a content strategy that will win business. Just remember these quick content generation tips:

1. Immediately address the issue. Avoid long-winded answers – get to the relevant point in the first paragraph
2. Create content-rich headings the reader can easily read
3. Keep your answer short and to the point

This article originally appeared on The Adviser

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