Social media inspires new lead generation tool

Social media inspires new lead generation tool

This article originally appeared on The Adviser.

Brokers could experience an increase in customer referrals and sales thanks to a new social media platform.

Recomazing is a free website that enables users to find, create and share business recommendations to their social media network.

Businesses can create a profile to allow customers to give them a recommendation or ‘reco’, which can then be viewed by customers’ social media network. 

“If a person is searching for a mortgage broker or finance broker business, they can check out their trusted friends’ recommendations first on Recomazing before making their decision,” founder Marc Cowper said.

“And if they find a great business and want to let others know about it, it is very simple to proactively give it a ‘reco’.”

Mr Cowper said Recomazing was designed to offer businesses an easy, time-efficient and cost-effective way to use social media as a lead generation tool.

“We created the platform with a ‘set and forget’ profile page for businesses,” he said. “This means small-business owners don’t need to update it with new content and can instead focus on their core business.”

Mr Cowper said businesses on Facebook hope that each time they post something new, it will be seen by existing and potential customers.

“However, business owners have been shocked when we tell them that due to changes by Facebook, the average post only reaches two to four per cent of their followers,” he said.

“This means without paid advertising, it is increasingly difficult to even reach your own audience and help drive new customers.

“Even if someone has ‘liked’ a page, it doesn’t mean they actively recommend your business to their friends – they may have just liked it to win a promotion. Business owners have told us that they want to be able to identify those valuable customers that provide friend recommendations and then use social media to drive more referrals.”

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